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International President and Founder:
Mario Furlan "Stone"

City Angels, Angels in the city

We are street emergency volunteers. You can you recognize us by our blue beret, simble of United Nations peace-keeping forces, and by our red t-shirt or jacket with our logo, an eagle that protects the city. We were founded in 1994 in Milan by Mario Furlan. And we are now active all over Italy and in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

We help the most vulnerable: homeless, drug addicts, violence victims, people and animals in trouble. You can immediately spot us thanks to our uniform: blue beret, symbol of United Nations peacekeepers, and red jacket or shirt. The uniform is a reference point for citizens and a visual deterrent for criminals.

Our volunteers are:
  • 60% men, 40% women
  • 30% immigrants. We are proud to be a multiracial, antiracist, multiethnical and multireligious association, with Angels from all around the world working in harmony for the good of their city!
  • Average age: 20-45 years. Minimum age required: 18 years. Our oldest Angel, Klaus, is over 70 yerars old!



Firenze ha un Vicecoordinatore operativo



Milano, City Angels fanno servizio d'ordine per il Papa


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